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Rug with history and style. You deserve it.

From African heritage to your home.

Thoughtful Artwork for a home full of stories.

Aklill meaning Crown in Amharic is an exclusive art company. It was started in an effort to bring so much of what makes Ethiopia unique to the rest of the world. We carefully blend heritage and resources into thoughtful art pieces.

Our Rug Collections.

Our Rugs represent a unique form of art that tells a rich array of stories. We strive to use our rugs as a creative outlet, with every piece crafted through a process of experimentation and exploration of culture, colour, and texture.

Our selection of accessories is a reflection of our individual identity, embodying our preferences, background, and personal qualities. We put so much thought and effort into our products to make sure it provokes the right emotion at the right time.Our products blend right in with your home and yet somehow stand out.

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Rugs with style and history. You deserve it.

Thoughtful rugs for a home full of stories.

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It’s not just cushions, it tells stories one cushion at a time.

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Made with love and tenderness. Inspired by colourful patchwork designs.

Our Adey Carpet

Our Adey Ababa carpets set a trend and shift perspectives, adding a touch of freshness and cheer to any space, from the smallest rooms in our homes to the most significant national welcoming events. These carpets are the perfect complement to any home or a national inauguration, as their intricate designs symbolize the start of a new year, new hope, and fresh season.


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