Colorful Melody


Our colorful Melody rug is inspired by the music of Ethiopia. With wonderful melodies and poetic lyrics, Ethiopian music reflects the history and the social episodes of the country. The beautiful tunes and melodies are prepared and performed using various traditional instruments, which are reflected on our rug. The colorful melody is full of positive energy. May this rug spark some fun moments in your home.

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Composition and materials :
Materials: Bamboo and cotton viscose blend
Weight: 5-7 kilos
Texture: feels luxuriously soft

Care and maintenance:
Vacuum mostly and do not use a beater bar. Clean spills immediately by blotting them with a clean soft sponge or white cloth. Spot clean with a minimal amount of water and mild soap solution. Blot firmly, but gently from outside to the centre of the stain, avoiding scrubbing.
(x) Do Not Iron
(x) Do Not Bleach
(x) Do not tumble dry
(x) Do not dry clean
(x) Dry without squeezing
(x) Keep out of direct sunlight
(x) Machine wash ( gentle wash ) at 30°

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